Landlord Information

Property Management Services

At 5 Rivers Real Estate Property Management we believe and understand that your property is a significant investment asset and your main objective is to maximise the return as well as to secure the valuable and appreciating asset. Our Promise is that at 5 Rivers Real Estate you will get a hassle free total management system which will protect and enhance the appreciation of your investment.

We have the best tools to individualize property management plans for each property as well as the level of involvement you wish is required to suit your needs, as this will offer the best income and capital growth.

As your personal Property Manager we will assist you in finding a reliable tenant who will maintain your property well. We will strive to achieve a minimum vacancy period and provide you with regular feedbacks so that you can enjoy the finer things of life.

Contact Us for further information on how we can assist in managing and nurturing your investment asset.

Landlord Insurance

5 Rivers Real Estate strongly recommend that you take out Landlord Insurance to protect your asset, as standard home and contents insurance will not protect against many a risks such as absconding tenant, malicious or accidental damage and/or tenant hardship.

Property Marketing

We have identified many factors that help in presenting and marketing the property, making it appealing to attract more tenants. Some of them are: Clean walls, floors and windows. Remove any cobwebs. Mow and line trim the lawns, weed gardens. Check the curtains and blind are working properly. Check the cook-top and dishwasher in the kitchen is working. Check all lights and smoke alarms are in working order.

5 Rivers has effective and targeted marketing strategies to ensure that your property is getting maximum exposure to find the best tenant, minimising the vacancy period to maximise your return.

Tenant Selection

We provide quick response to any enquiries and organise inspections of the property with prospective tenants.

After thorough reference checks (which include their past employment, past real estate, personal references and tenant default database), prospective tenants are qualified and verified by 100 point identification process. After consultation with the Landlord, the best tenant is decided on from these selected tenant application.

Managing The Tenancy

  • A detailed condition report is prepared before the tenant moves in (a copy is provided to the tenant).
  • A security deposit (Bond) and advance rent (in accordance with the legislation) is obtained from a new tenancy. The Bond is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.
  • After formal sign-up of the documents, keys are handed over to the selected tenant. A copy of the lease is forwarded to you for your records.
  • A choice of rent payment methods are offered to make the rent payment easy and on time. The tenant is contacted immediately if any late payment is detected and formal notices are issued, in accordance with the law, should a tenant fall behind with their rent.
  • Monthly Rental statements are issued using latest computer software and we offer a number of ways to ensure that you get your money quickly each month.
  • Maintenance matters are carried out in accordance with the Landlord’s instructions through our qualified tradespersons.
  • On behalf of the Landlord, routine inspections are carried out by our property management team regularly in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. Full written report is sent to the Landlord on the internal & external condition of the property and any maintenance that may need to be carried out.
  • Lease renewals are followed up in a timely manner to avoid any vacant periods in your property.
  • As part of our service we constantly monitor the current market rent and any rent reviews are conducted in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • We keep abreast of all changes to government legislations and are qualified to represent you at Tribunals because we are well-informed in all aspects of the Residential Tenancies Act and the working of the Tribunals.

We at 5 Rivers Real Estate adhere to our core values and as we strive to provide you with the highest standard of service, our commitment to your needs is absolute.